Training schedules


All lessons are pre-planned and we will operate within an agreed training schedule. This will ensure that you are aware of your objectives and achievements at any given time. It also ensures that, as we are following a personal training schedule, you will not spend time (and your money) travelling from A-B and back again every week with limited learning potential.


If you have some driving experience, we will initially conduct an assessment to establish where you are in the syllabus, and this will be our starting point. We will then follow the training pattern as stated above. 


Although we will follow a set schedule, we won't follow a set timescale. Some people will learn faster than others and it is pointless rushing things, as that will take longer in the end. We will make gradual progress, step-by-step, until all areas are covered. I will not, for example, expect you to deal with busy traffic until you are confident with your own clutch control abilities.

Intensive courses

Intensive courses can be flexible and structured to meet your requirements, ranging from 1 to 6 weeks. Contact me for further details.

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